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Professionally according to your wishes

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Professionally according to your wishes


Savon MediaCenter Oy is a contact center company and established in 2010.


The founders, owners, and supervisors of the company have experience in the field for many decades and multiple customer relationships.


We provide our competent and ambitious staff and expertise for your needs.


Our service covers all typical call center activities such as sales and marketing, customer service, interviews and booking.


Savon MediaCenter Oy offers its personnel and expertise tailored to your needs


We do each of our contacts using modern, computer-based calling - and recordingsystems. Telemarketing and telephone services are an effective way to acquire more sales power and trengthen businessoperations without major investments.


By outsourcing your customer acquisitions you can concentrate on your core areas of expertise and save on customer-related costs. You can enjoy the increased customerbase and the results of our work.


Your companys availability is indispensable. A well-functioning, high-quality customer service is one of the companys most important business cards. A skilled customer service is a good listener and solver of the problem, but if it necessary, discreet and motivated vendor. Well-managed customer service is an excellent way to increase the value and length of ypur relationships.


Add the value of your existing customer and keep your existing customer.



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